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If you want to get more customers, but you can't find the IndexNow module for your site, we have a ready-made solution, select the version you need.

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Modern Technologies IndexNow

The Xone indexing module uses the IndexNow protocol, which allows, without waiting for the next crawl by the indexing robot, to automatically inform search engines about changes to the site, the appearance of new ones, updating or deleting already indexed pages.

Latest version

4.03.0132022-04-07 714.95 KB Download 4.3.013
  • Xone Lot indexing module

  • Installation, just upload the folder to the server

  • Unlimited websites

  • Ajax add, remove, edit

  • Quick choice of submission for indexing

  • Debug program for all parameters for each item

  • Detailed and clear documentation

  • Free lifetime updates

  • Real email and phone support

  • Learn more Demo

Version archive

3.10.0202022-03-18 89.82 KB Download 3.10.020
  • Xone Fix indexing module

  • Installation, just upload the folder to the server

  • Setup will take less than one minute

  • Debugging program in all parameters

  • Xml link output source

  • Free trial updates

  • Real email support

  • Learn more Demo

2.01.3122022-03-04 80.68 KB Download 2.01.312
  • Xone Xml Indexing Module

  • Changed the output source of links to sitemap.xml

  • Changed array creation from file_get_contents to cURL

  • Added CURLINFO_HTTP_CODE server response and description

  • Added protection against sending empty form fields

  • Optimized the process of sending an array of URLs

  • Learn more Demo

1.0.0092022-02-26 80.04 KB Download 1.0.009
  • Xone Txt indexing module

  • Added Ajax sending request

  • Added detailed description of form fields

  • Added sample file with links

  • All minor bugs fixed

  • Learn more Demo