Frequently asked Questions

Here we have collected the most popular questions and answers related to using the Xone IndexNow indexing module.

I have many sites hosted on different hosts, can I index them all with one module without buying modules for each site?

Yes, it is possible to index many sites without any effort, no matter where they are located, to do this, use one of the two modules, Xone Xml or Xone Fix.

Can I see the Xone in action before buying?

Yes, there are demo versions of three modules, namely Xone Xml, Xone Fix and Xone Txt.

What are the requirements to use Xone?

The Xone module requires support for PHP, AJAX, XML, JSON of any version, virtual or local server, Linux or Windows.

Can I use Xone on different devices?

Xone module with excellent experience on various devices - smartphone, tablet, laptop and TV connected to the Internet. Full adaptation for mobile devices iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android, Opera Mini.

I want to embed a Xone Xml module directly into the site, like include “module.php“, is this possible?

Yes, of course, we have specially modified modules, the module file must be placed within your server.

Do you have a free trial?

Yes, this is a prototype of the Xone Txt module, it uses a plain text file, it is possible to use other formats or display a list from a CSV file.

How does Xone protect my privacy?

The Privacy Policy sets forth Xone's obligations to maintain the confidentiality and confidentiality of personal data that the User provides when registering or placing an order for the purchase of goods.

I need a unique module, can you do it?
  • Yes, on your part, a description in a free form, a definition of the specifics of the work, the reason why the standard module does not fit.

I submitted a URL, what happens next?

If the URLs are standards compliant, IndexNow ensures that search engines are aware of changes to your site based on scheduling logic and crawl quota.

Can I submit the same URL many times in a day?

We strongly recommend that you do not send the same URL many times a day. If pages are edited frequently, then it is advisable to wait 10 minutes between changes before notifying search engines, if pages are updated constantly (eg time, weather, exchange rates), it is advisable not to use IndexNow for every change.

Can I submit 404 URLs via API?
  • Yes, to notify search engines of new broken links, you can submit broken pages (http 404, http 410).

I got an HTTP 429 Too Many Requests response from a search engine, what is the reason?

This code indicates that you are sending too many requests in a short period of time, reduce the frequency of sending requests and try again later.

Can I use more than one key?

Yes, if your websites use different content management systems, each can use its own key located at the root of the host.

I have a sitemap, do I need IndexNow?
  • Yes, although a sitemap file serves as an easy way to inform search engines about all the pages on a site.

    With IndexNow, you don't have to wait until the sitemap is crawled, but directly notify search engines about the appearance of new, updating or deleting already indexed pages.

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